I provide assistance to individuals preparing to cross the threshold, families and professionals to help them​ understand the preciousness of the soul journey and how to move through the challenge of the end of life process from a deeply sacred, multi-dimensional dynamic.  The voyage of the soul is a fascinating journey. From the soul perspective, the moment of "death" awakens one to an adventure in the eternal world. ,



I work one on one  to help prepare individuals for crossing the threshold.   When one has tilled the soil and feels ready, the transition to the Other Side becomes a natural and beautiful return.  It is a birth.​  I help people:

            Meet the dying process with equanimity​.

            Cross the threshold with grace.

            Remember the soul with celebration.



Families who have loved ones crossing the threshold can prepare for this profound moment of soul awareness.  Not only can they can be tremendously helpful for the soul crossing, but also they can learn much about their own souls.  I help families:

            Create personal sacred rituals.

            Find balance through sacred geometry.

            Celebrate the loved one's new soul life




I assist professionals in their personal journey in opening to this beautiful work. For those who feel called, it is a fascinating journey that continuously deepens.  Souls often return from the Spirit World to say thank you for my assistance.  It takes a committed effort to be able to make such a return journey.  Nothing is more rewarding than to hear their incredible and profuse thanks.  I help professionals:

            Learn the foundations of this work

            Open to the wisdom of divine assistance.

            Find the unique point of balance for the individual wishing to serve



 Individual work with Patricia.