About Patricia

Patricia L'Dara, Author

Patricia came to the work of death and dying with her mother's sacred passing in 1993. Prior to that time she had never been in a room with anyone crossing the threshold. Death holds within it walls the possibility of utter despair and ecstatic celebration. Patricia experienced the intensity of each, as she peered first through the eyes of a daughter and then through the eyes of the soul. From her own encounters with near death, Patricia knew that there was nothing to fear, but realized that helping someone else required a different effort. The initiation with her mom altered the course of her life.

Drawing on her life experience, Patricia finds soul passage to be a deeply engaging interlude containing prayer, creative process, multidimensional awareness, frequency changes and precise meditative focus. Through expanding our understanding of death to include principles familiar to us, Patricia is able to bring unusual clarification to this sacred endeavor. Preparing in advance thus becomes a viable option. Assisting another involves simple steps that families can take.

Patricia has come to believe that our souls await our recognition of death as birth, death as celebration, and death as sacred transformation. From this perspective, we can each make profound change in the way that we meet this extraordinary moment is experienced.